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Connecting Brands with Distributors became our Mission

In the 20 years that we have worked to connect brands with distributors, built global brands, and stared hopefully out of exhibition stands at empty aisles, two questions came up more than any other.

Do you know a distributor in xxxx (a country).

Can you get us an introduction to xxxx (brand).

Often we were able to facilitate introductions from the network of distributors we had worked with, but we always felt there had to be a better way. There had to be an easier way than chance meetings at trade-shows, badgering contacts for names, or buying in market research than never quite understood the ideal distributors for our brand.

So trying to find a solution to one of the toughest challenges for both brands and distributors - how do they connect in a way which is seamless, focused and without multi-national budgets - became our mission.

Using the experience (and frustrations) gained as a brand-owner, from my time as a distributor, and from four years as an international trade consultant, we have sought to bring together a way for brands to reach out to global distributors, for distributors to find their ideal brand-partners, and added to that, a suite of growth services that enable you to turn a business connection into revenue.

We've done our very best, and will continue to work to improve the benefits of Market-Matcher for brand-owners, distributors and all of the hard-working professionals who strive hard to make amazing things happen.

We hope this might be the start of your global brand or the next great brand in your portfolio.

Best wishes,


Gemma Clarke, Founder and CEO